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Waiting for Shadowkeep: Pinnacle Weapons

Shadowkeep is still some time away, and with no other substantial content drops until October 1st, players are starting to ask themselves, "What do I do? I have nothing left to do in Destiny!" We've come up with a few different activities to tie you over until Season of the Undying launches.

The Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit all have their own unique legendary pinnacle weapons. Each comes with its unique perk not found on any other weapon, but none of these are easy to acquire. Some are arguably harder than others to grind for, but some weapons, for instance, Mountaintop is considered to be first in its class. Here you'll find out about each of the pinnacle weapons and guides on how to obtain the bread!

We will be basing these weapons on a grading system, S being the best, D being the worst. Peoples opinions may vary, but I'll keep this as objective as possible, evaluating their usefulness across various activities.


Loaded Question

"Hey. You see Cayde around, tell him his gun's ready." —Banshee-44

Overall Grade: B

PvE Grade: C

PvP Grade: B

Weapon Type: Fusion Rifle

Perk: Reservoir Burst

How to acquire(Click me)

PvE- Reservoir Burst causes the loaded question to do extra damage on the first shot of the magazine after a full charge, this increases damage by 33%. Reservoir Burst alone may not seem ideal, but pairing this with a Titan Rally or Warlock Lunafactions will work great. It will mean every single fully charged shot will have this 33% damage bonus. Unfortunately, Loaded Question is outperformed by the exotic Merciless in terms of raw DPS (Damage Per Second) output. Despite this, Loaded question does have a dragonfly-like effect. On kill the weapon will cause an AoE (Area of Effect) explosion which does give it an advantage when facing rank-and-file enemies. Overall, this does what you’d expect from a Fusion rifle, yet in the current meta Fusion rifles in the PvE environment don’t hold up too well. In most cases, legendary shotguns are used by players rather than opting for the harder to use, lower DPS Load Question.

PvP- For the average player, they may have a hard time using this weapon in the PvP setting. Loaded Question will perform a one-burst kill at Close range, with the Reservoir Burst perk active it can push into the Medium range. Fusion rifles, in general, require a particular playstyle, you need to preemptively power up the weapon while ensuring you can continue to track the target through the entirety of the burst. For those who persevere, this can act as a further ranged shotgun, acting like a decent method for preventing players from pushing into your personal area. The problem with Reservoir Burst it is only active when the magazine is full. This combined with the special ammo economy in PvP means you’ll only be spawning with two rounds in the mag and the perk will not prop. If you can adjust your playstyle and run Fusion Scavenger, this may be a good option for you.

Oxygen SR3

Fight on. You're still breathing.

Overall Grade: D

PvE Grade: D

PvP Grade: D

Weapon Type: Scout Rifle

Perk: Meganeura

How to acquire(Click me)

PvE- Scout rifles within Destiny 2 struggle to find their home, they’re far range is matched by pulse rifles like Blast Furnace. Scout rifles don’t offer enough DPS for any meaningful use within Raid DPS stages and are over-shadowed by Pulse rifles in terms of range. Oxygen SR3 comes with Meganeura, which essentially upgrades the AoE explosion that Dragonfly creates. Meganeura increases the damage that Dragonfly causes; this is dependent upon how many precision hits you’ve landed before Dragonfly is triggered. It’s hard to argue that this is an enjoyable and satisfying weapon to use, but realistically, it falls short of any meaningful use compared to many of the other weapons.

PvP- Here lies a similar story as PvE, its TTK (Time to Kill) is not competitive enough compared to most other weapons, moreover, within close range, the weapon is difficult to use. Unless there’s a meta shift in the upcoming Shadowkeep release, scout rifles will remain underpowered and unused.

Wendigo GL3

Turn your hunger outward, never inward.

Overall Grade: A

PvE Grade: S

PvP Grade: B

Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher

Perk: Explosive Light

How to acquire (Click me)

PvE- Well, where to start. Wendigo is a machine of a DPS weapon; it's in the top tier for DPS weapons during raids. If it weren't for Swarm of the Raven, Wendigo would hold the Crown for most DPS in the Grenade launcher legendary category. Wendigo has the perk Explosive Light, picking up Orbs of Light increase the damage and blast radius for the next grenade. This can be an issue with Raid DPS phases, where it may not be possible to pick up six orbs of light before the damage phase. To conclude, this is an excellent option for DPS in raids or high HP enemies if you do not yet own Swarm of the Raven or do not wish to waste an exotic slot for the Prospector.

PvP- This contains a similar problem as the Loaded Question, but in this case, you’ll have to find orbs of light in Crucible in order to make the Wendigo a viable option. Without Explosive Light active the grenade launcher will only act as a flashbang, dealing a small amount of damage but blinding the player. If you can, however, obtain orbs of light in PvP this causes severe damage and a high blast radius, but we’d recommend using a more reliable grenade launcher instead.


The Recluse

My bite will turn your sweet flesh to vile rot.

Overall Grade: S

PvE Grade: S

PvP Grade: S

Weapon Type: Submachine Gun

Perk: Master of Arms

How to acquire (Click me)

PvE- Like Scout Rifles, SMGs are not part of the meta right now. The Recluse is different. The Recluse sits on a throne of its own, its perk Master of Arms turns a regular SMG into an extremely high DPS and ranged SMG. This is great in the PvE context, all it takes to activate the perk is a kill, this is arguably one of, if not, the best rank-and-file clear weapon within Destiny 2. This is a fantastic all-around PvE weapon, and everyone should try to get their hands on it!

PvP- The Recluse is currently the 1# most used weapon within Crucible; this is for a reason. As soon as you can get that first kill with Recluse, the TTK will drop down to 0.47s; this is one of the fastest TTK weapons within the game. Furthermore, you can trigger Master of Arms while using a different weapon. For instance, getting a kill with Ace of Spades, then swapping to The Recluse will mean Master of Arms is active. The Recluse is a must-have weapon in both PvP and PvE for any player who wants to take the game to the next level.

The Revoker

When they have your back to the wall, when all seems lost—steel yourself! Command your future!

Overall Grade: C-

PvE Grade: D

PvP Grade: C

Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle

Perk: Reversal of Fortune

How to acquire (Click me)

PvE - Reversal of Fortune returns the bullet to the magazine after a short period in the instance that you miss. The problem here is that the Revoker teaches you bad habits and becomes almost pointless in the PvE aspect of the game. Snipers such as Beloved, Twilight Oath and The Supremacy all overshadow the Revoker. Moreover, you shouldn't be missing shots in PvE when using a sniper.

PvP- There's been some friction in the community on whether the Revoker has any practical use within PvP. Some provide the argument that it's nice to get your shot back when you miss, you're inevitably going to miss at least a few shots. The conflict here lies with the usefulness of getting the bullet back; it teaches players that there is no penalty for missing. Furthermore, the Revoker has abysmal handling when compared to some of the other contenders. The Revoker seems like a missed opportunity, it's perk Reversal of Fortune seems like a good idea for new players who are trying to learn the basics of sniping, yet it's very bad handling makes it a difficult sniper to suggest.


"In the heat of battle, Guardian, you will know the right choice to make." —Lord Shaxx

Overall Grade: A

PvE Grade: A-

PvP Grade: S

Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher

Perk: Micro-missile

How to acquire (Click me)

PvE- Micro-Missile, essentially turns this grenade launcher into a small rocket launcher. It's increased projectile speed, and lack of drop-off makes it a natural weapon to use. The best use for Mountaintop in PvE is against stationary raid bosses, this combined with Anarchy is the best DPS combo for raids. Without Well of Radiance or a Titan Rally, the Mountaintop is just a mediocre weapon; players will often opt to use alternative weapons. If you're the type of player who wants the absolute most DPS possible, then this weapon is for you; otherwise, it may not be worth the grind. It is, indeed, a grind. It's considered to have the most drawn-out quest step out of all others.

PvP- Unless you're new to Destiny, you've undoubtedly been killed by Mountaintop on numerous occasions. The ability to one hit Guardians causes this to be a deadly weapon in the right hands. The fact that this isn't exotic and sits in your Primary slot is insanity, and some may even consider the fact you can pair this with Recluse as broken. You NEED this weapon if you ever wish to take Destiny 2's competitive scene seriously, it's in a league of its own. Just be prepared for the angry messages you're about to receive from other players!

Redrix's Broadsword

The second swing is no less deadly.

Overall Grade: B

PvE Grade: B

PvP Grade: B

Weapon Type: Pulse Rifle

Perk: Desperado

How to acquire (Click me)

PvE- Redrix's is great fun within PvE; it's an excellent option for Ad clearing at Mid-range. You'll trigger its perk very often, as such it will just rip straight through many rank-and-file enemies. For damage against Major's and Bosses, it falls short; you won't be able to trigger Desperado, as such your damage output will be sub-optimal.

PvP- Redrix's Broadsword is an okay pulse rifle without Desperado active, it won't beat Blast Furnace in range, but at closes ranges Redrix's has an impressive TTK of 0.67s the catch being that you need to land all rounds from two bursts, it's not a forgiving weapon. Now, for the juicy part- with Desperado active the TTK drops to an impressive 0.4s. There is a small catch here, to active Desperado you must reload during Outlaw being active. This means you need to keep chaining precision kills to keep Desperado alive, if you can do this, you'll promptly make short work of the opposing team. Although Redrix's is a fun weapon to play with, there are other more consistent weapons to opt for.


21% Delirium

"All right." —A Dark Age drifter

Overall Grade: B+

PvE Grade: A

PvP Grade: B

Weapon Type: Machine Gun

Perk: Killing Tally

How to acquire (Click me)

PvE- 21% Delirium was created with PvE in mind; it's a fantastic weapon for Ad clearing. Its exotic-like perk Killing Tally increases the weapons damage output until you next reload or stow the weapon. This, combined with Overflow, creates a killing machine. It's Mag capacity with Overflow exceeds 200, not mentioning how walking over heavy ammo will instantly load the ammo into the magazine. 21% Delirium has proven to be an excellent choice for dealing with rank-and-file enemies and Majors, but its damage output against Bosses is lacking. It's DPS compared to other options for Boss damage falls short. 21% Delirium would not be an ideal weapon for raid damage phases.

PvP- 21% Delirium is an okay option for Crucible; it just falls short when compared to the Hammerhead. It has a fast fire rate that does make it better in close-to-mid range; the problem is its unique perk doesn't have much use within PvP.


"Breathe. Line up the shot. Enjoy the quiet before the kill." —The Drifter

Overall Grade: C

PvE Grade: C-

PvP Grade: C

Weapon Type: Bows

Perk: Archer's Gambit

How to acquire (Click me)

PvE- it's a bow. Right now bows are very underpowered, they're okay at dealing with simple Ads, but if you miss the shot, it's very unforgiving. Hush is probably one of the better feeling bows, its perk Archer's Gambit which after a hip fire precision shot allows the next draw to be swift. Hush feels excellent, it's good fun, but even in Gambit, it's underwhelming. Players using any other weapon type will most likely be killing faster than you can with Hush. I've seen players get very skilled with Hush, able to chain those precision shots back to back on Ads. But for the average player, this will never be used for anything more than just a bit of fun.

PvP- A similar story as PvE, bows are just not great in PvP, but they are usable. If you can master the art of hip firing a bow then following up with a second shot you'll get the kill, but during this time you'll be getting shot at, knocking your aim off, it's not a forgiving weapon. It is probably the best out of all the bows if you are wanting to use a bow in PvP, but for the average player, we'd recommend just avoiding bows all together until they hopefully get a buff.


"They don't make Dark Age tech like this anymore. Lucky for you I kept all mine." —The Drifter

Overall Grade: B

PvE Grade: A

PvP Grade: C

Weapon Type: Auto Rifle

Perk: Onslaught

How to acquire (Click me)

PvE- This is a great Auto Rifle, new players tend to gravitate to this weapon, it's straightforward to use and has a nice satisfying feel. Its perk Onslaught means the rate of fire increases as you stack Rampage. Increased fire rate with increased damage, what more could you need? Like weapons mentioned previously, this is a strong contender for Ad clearing, yet it doesn't do great for Boss damage- but does DPS matter for a Kinetic?

PvP- It's the same story as Bows, Auto Rifles are not part of the Meta right now. If you need to, you can get away with using Auto Rifles in the Crucible- but I wouldn't ever recommend taking one into Competitive. The perks Rampage and Onslaught are great, but it requires you keep chaining kills back-to-back which in PvP isn't typical. There are some other Auto Rifles out there I'd recommend rather than using Breakneck.