• Taffy

Shadowkeep: Race to Worlds First (Announcement)

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

As I'm sure everyone is well aware, Shadowkeep is creeping up, providing us with a brand new raid "Garden of Salvation". As such, the tradition across the Destiny community will continue... The Race for worlds first!

90's Kids will be participating in this, we will shortly create an application system for a world-first attempt within the 90's Kids clan. Ideally, we will have enough people to create multiple 90's Kids world-first raid teams.

Garden of Salvation will go live October 5th, following the launch of Shadowkeep on October 1st. Like Crown of Sorrows, Garden of Salvation will have the contest conditions, which will last 24 hours from raid launch. Those who experienced the contest conditions from Crown of Sorrows will already know that this adds an extra layer of difficulty to the raid.

Everyone is welcome to apply for the world-first raid within 90's Kids, but we're asking that you be aware of what you're applying for. These world-first raids are very difficult, as such please be aware that the raid will likely last 8+ hours. Harmonious communication, determination, and intuition will prove to be key. These contests are aimed at the more hardcore players.

We're fully aware that there are many casual players within 90's kids, as a result, we will ensure that non-worlds first Garden of Salvation raids will be set up for the days following October 5th.

*Players who've received strikes during Season of opulence will be exempt from applying for the worlds first raid.*

Stay Tuned,