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Last Wish Raid Guide

Last wish is by FAR my Favourite Raid in all of D2 and by extension is one of the most consistently complex raids on an encounter to encounter basis. To help minimise the amount of reading you have to do because, lets be real, everyone wants the quick and easy explanation, there will be a TL:DR of each encounter above the main explanation so that you can get a quick reminder for New players to be able to do a quick bit of research before an LTR without having to sit through about half an hour of my boring explanation. So Without Further ado, Welcome to My last wish GUIDE :D

Kalli, the Corrupted:

Kalli, the Corrupted -- TL:DR

1. Give everyone a number between 1 & 6

2. Assign everyone a symbol Location

3. Have everyone find their plates

4. Jump on the Plates and kill adds until the knights spawn 5. Run back to centre and jump down in-front of Kalli to do DPS

6. Eventually 6 doors will open, Everyone remember Your numbers!

7. Go into the door Corresponding to your number. Reading Left to right like a book 8. Do DPS under each pair of symbols,

9. If you don't kill her repeat this process again


Explanation Time

When You jump into the area for this encounter you will see a circle in the middle, around the edges of this circle are 3 pairs of symbols. Number them 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 and give everyone a number that will correspond to a symbol. Get everyone to find their symbol on the outskirts of the arena and stand by it. Once everyone has found their correct symbols get them to all jump onto the plates. This will start the encounter.

When on the plates you will notice that they are effectively split into 3 sections, when on these plates 2 of the 3 sections are going to have "Taken bombs" that will explode after a certain amount of time, After they explode the 2 sections that the bombs are on will change, make sure to always stand on the section with no "Taken Bomb"

Stay on the Plates and Kill add's until a Taken Knight spawns, Kill this knight ASAP and run back to the centre where the boss was at the beginning. Keep in Mind that Sometimes the boss will appear at the side of your plate during the encounter, Don't panic, Shoot her a few times and she will disappear. Once Everyone has killed their knight and run back to centre the DPS phase will begin. Kalli is going to appear under 1 of the Pairs of symbols, Stand in the centre of the Ring and shoot at her as much as you can. Eventually she will raise her arms and "Prepare an Ontological Weapon". When this happens Look straight in front of you, you will see two rows of Doors, 6 of these doors will open. That makes 1 for each player, but only one player can go into a door at a time.

NOTE: If a player has failed to kill their knight or stood on the wrong plate then 1 less door will open for each failed player. To make sure Players don't try to go into the same door you are going to need to remember the number you were assigned earlier. Number 1 is always going to be the Topmost, Left most door, and 6 is always going to be door on the bottom right, and as such are the easiest doors to have. The rest of the doors, read like a book, reading across the top row from left to right and then the bottom row from left to right. count across from door 1 until you hit you door (easiest for numbers 1-3) or read backwards from door 6 until you hit you door (Easiest for numbers 4-6). Don't worry if you don't manage to get into your door, or get into the wrong door, you can always revive people mid fight. Once you have gone into the doors they are all going to close and Kalli will perform her "Wipe" after this all the doors will open again and Kalli will re-appear under a different pair of symbols. Repeat this Process of DPS and doors for each Pair of Symbols. If you do not kill her in 3 DPS Phases then she will disappear. Everyone needs to re-locate their symbol, You will notice that the symbols around the ring have changed. Remember the order you numbered them in and look for yours, find it again on the outer bit of the arena and repeat this whole process again :)

Don't Worry if you don't understand just from the Written explanation , It becomes a lot easier to understand when you are actually doing it and seeing the surroundings :)

Shuro Chi, the Corrupted

Shuro Chi, the Corrupted-- TL:DR

1. Assign 2 teams, Prism team (3 people) and Puzzle team (4 people)

2. Kill adds until prisms spawn on the plates 3. Shoot the person to your right (prism team) this will break shield

4. Do DPS until she goes Immune

5. Chase her to the next platform and do prisms again.

6. Puzzle room, 2 people add clear. Number yourself 1 to 4.

7. Puzzle team, Look at the picture on the wall, Use number pad plates to fill in the blanks

8. The plates will Damage you

9. cant stand on the same plate Twice. Swap plates with other numbers if you need too

10. Rotate the Number pad locations with the image Locations.

11. Repeat the DPS phases.

12. Last DPS phase is slightly beefier

13. The encounter goes -- DPS, DPS, PUZZLE, DPS, DPS, PUZZLE, DPS , MEGA DPS



Before you even start the encounter you need to split into 2 teams. Prism team/puzzle team and Add clear team. The prisms only need 3 people but the main puzzle needs 4 so make sure one of your add clearer's doubles as a puzzle room player. Give each Puzzle team member a number from 1-4 and write it into the chat.

Now to start this encounter walk up to the large door and wait for it to open. When it does Shuro chi is going to boop you upwards. Land and rush into the space, there will be the initial wave of thralls that can be killed quickly. Once that set is dead another set of adds will spawn, continue to wipe out the waves of adds until no more spawn. In one wave of Adds and eye of riven will spawn (A fancy Taken captain) kill it but DO NOT pick up the eye that it drops. Just as the Last wave is killed look to the Circle that Shuro Chi is stood in.

On 3 points of that circle will be another smaller circular platform that will have a prism on it (once you kill all the adds) the 1st 3 members of the Puzzle team each need to pick up a prism. Once all players have their prism count down from 3 and jump onto the plates. You need to co-ordinate the jumps as the platforms do Damage over time. Players holding a prism need to shoot at the player to their right to form a triangle around Shuro chi, this will lower her shield and move you to the 1st of 6 DPS phases.

In each DPS phase you only need to remove 1/6 of her hp (you will see her health bar at the bottom is split into 6) ,so once you have done enough damage she will go immune. Make sure to call out as soon as she goes immune to conserve ammo.

Continue onto the next section of the arena and repeat the cycle of add clearing and prisms.

Once you have completed 2 successful DPS phases you will enter a large chamber with 3 circles, one on the Left, forwards and right walls respectively. This is where the Puzzle team comes into play. Whilst all this DPS phasing has been happening Shuro chi has been singing

a deadly lullaby, when the timer hits 0 she will wipe your fire team. To reset this timer you

Must complete the puzzles in the room.

As you Enter the room look to the left wall 1st. You will see a symbol but with 4 squares darker than the rest, and on the floor in-front of you there will be 9 platforms. The image on the wall can be "split" into 9 sections and each section corresponds to a plate on the floor. In order to fill in the blank spots you have to all jump onto the right platforms at the same time. The Wall Image reads like the

doors from the 1st encounter, 1 is always to topmost & leftmost blank spot, and 4 is always the bottom-most & rightmost blank spot. Have the 4 puzzle players stand next to their plate and count down to make sure you all jump on at the right time. If you do it correctly the symbol will reform and Glow brightly when this happens rotate to the next image and repeat. Remember - The platforms on the floor rotate with the images so 1 is always the top left platform.

However there is a catch , if you have jumped onto a platform once you cant jump onto it again, instead it will still damage you but it will glow red and be "inactive". So when the picture Rotates and everyone needs to find their plates again, make sure you aren't jumping onto one you have jumped onto before as it wont work. Instead, if you know that your platform wont work then call out your number and the number you want to swap with.


"2 switch with 4"

This lets you swap plates quickly. Repeat this process for each of the symbols (3 in total).

Whilst they are doing this the 2 remaining players must make sure to kill all Adds that spawn in the room and they will disrupt the puzzle process.

When the 3rd image has been solved some platform will descend from the ceiling, jump onto these and ascend to the next part of the encounter (after a certain amount of time the platforms will rotate Don't worry about it) . From here on you just need to repeat what you already know. The encounter is a repeating pattern of DPS and puzzle phases that goes: DPS, DPS, puzzle, DPS, DPS, puzzle, DPS, Larger DPS.

In the last Damage phase Shuro chi will have slightly more health so make sure you have plenty of ammo/ supers

After the Last DPS phase pick up your loot and Get ready for the jumping puzzle. There is a hidden chest between the next encounter but i wont go over that here. The jumping puzzle takes place in the taken realm and makes you jump up a slowly inclining section of shattered temples. Some of the platforms spin and it can be a frustrating section on your first try but You got this, don't give up :D

The Puzzles sound difficult on paper and can still be hard in game but Don't worry about it, once you understand it or you have done it a few times it will be a breeze :)

Morgeth, the Spirekeeper

Morgeth the Spirekeeper - TL:DR

1. Split into 2 teams. Left and right.

2. In these teams designate 1 cleanser and 2 collectors.

3. Start the encounter by having a collector jump through the orb in front of Morgeth.

4. Kill all the adds and let the Collectors get 2 taken strengths each (Floaty orb bois).

5. When you have 2 taken strengths go back to the bridge in the middle.

6. Cleanser make sure not to pick up any Taken orbs. Kill eyes of Riven on sight

7. If Morgeth traps you call out what side you are on. The cleanser should pick up the taken eye and run over to you. Click their grenade button and take your strengths.

8. Once everyone but 1 person has 2 taken strengths have the last person pick up the one that spawns in-front of him again. Everyone run behind him and DPS

9. if you somehow don't 1 phase him then i'm 99% sure you die :)



Morgeth is the simplest encounter in this raid, but don't be disheartened if you don't get it first try, The premise of this encounter is that you are basically racing Morgeth to Max strength by picking up floating taken orbs around the map. Once you have All the orbs you can do DPS and considering how Over-powered we now are as guardians, you should be able to 1 phase him pretty easily.

To start Separate into 2 teams, Left team and right team. Within these teams 2 players need to be collectors and 1 player need to be a cleanser. Have one collector from one team run ahead and pick up the 1st taken strength that is floating in-front of Morgeth then all players need to go to their side of the map and clear adds.

After a while 2 more taken strengths will appear, have 1 collector pick up both or pick up 1 each depending on whats easiest for you at the time. You cannot hold more than 2 taken strengths at a time, if you try to you will die.

Once you have 2 taken strengths run back to the middle and stay on your side on the bridge and clear adds from there. After more add waves and more strengths spawning (and being collected), you will notice an Eye of riven spawn on the lower bit of the map, 1 on each side (usually), have the cleanser kill it and make sure they are close to the orb as it will come in handy.

Eventually Morgeth is going to trap a player, locking them in place, Said player needs to call out what side they are on and that they have been trapped. 1 cleanser needs to pick up an Eye of Riven drop and run over to the trapped player, then press their grande button whilst next to them. This will free the trapped player and transfer their Taken Strengths to the cleanser. The Cleanser now stays by the bridge and the Collector goes to find 2 more taken strengths. Once all but 1 person has 2 taken strengths a final taken strength will spawn in front of Morgeth, just like at the start of the fight, have the last player pick that up and everyone needs to run to the door behind Morgeth for DPS

Morgeth isn't a particularly strong boss and so 1 DPS phase is all you get, However this is usually more than enough time to obliterate him.

Just like with the other encounters it will sound harder in written form. It should make more sense once you are in the Map and actually doing it :)

The Vault

So the Vault is a "Fun" encounter for new players, It feels really satisfying to complete but sounds confusing as all heck when explained. I'll do my best to explain it here but if you don't understand it I don't blame you. It takes 1 or 2 runs of the vault to get used to how it works, but once you know it, it becomes one of the easiest encounters of them all since its about 75% puzzle and 25% enemies.

The Vault : important points

1. Right is ANTUMBRA and left is PENUMBRA

2. 3 Runners/Readers and 3 add clear

3. The runners each need to pick a location either ROCK, TREE or TEMPLE

4. The Add Cleaners need to each pick a location to defend

5. The 3 Runners each need to stand on a small plate in front of them and look up. There will be 3 symbols in front of them. One in the middle, In a circle looking thing, and one either side.

6. The runner at temple will read out their middle symbol. Tree and Rock need to look at their 3 symbols and declare if they have that symbol as well. If they do, they Should say something like “ On my right/ On my left”

7. If the matching symbol is on your left then you say Your plate location and then Penumbra.

If the matching Symbol is on your right then you say your plate location and Then Antumbra

For instance : Temple calls out that they have an infinity snake in the middle. If rocks has that symbol on their left then they call out “on my left” “rocks penumbra”.

8. Once a Plate has called out either Penumbra or Antumbra then that player reads out their middle symbol.


Temple : “i Have An infinity snake Mid

Tree: “on my left” “tree is penumbra”

Tree: “I have a dragon holding a spear to the right Mid”

Rocks: “on my right” “rocks antumbra”

Back to the Running

1. Once you have designated Antumbra and Penumbra Then you are ready for the next bit.

Each runner needs to step of their plate as they do, all but 1 of the three chambers will seal off.

2. The runner for that location will go in and clear adds until an Eye of Riven spawns. Kill it ASAP and pick up the orb that it drops.

3. Once you have picked up this orb your chamber will seal of and another will open. The runner at that chamber need to shout out if theirs is open. For instance “ROCKS OPEN”

4. Run to that location via the wall tunnels and exit back to the Puzzle section

Look at the bottom left hand of your screen It will say either Taken strength Penumbra or Taken strength Antumbra this is where all that puzzle stuff come in

5. Check chat or ask the other runners What plate it was For instance using the earlier example, Rock was Antumbra and Tree was penumbra. If you have Taken strength Penumbra then you need to run to the reading plate at Tree stand on it and press your grenade button to “cleanse” that lock

6. Each runner will run once so that each plate is cleansed. Temple is always the last to be cleansed UNLESS you get 2 Pen/Antumbras in a row in which case Temple doubles as the 2nd one of them.


Clearers you have a semi important job!!!!!

1. Every time a runner picks up an eye of riven, a Voice of Riven knight will spawn in 1 of the 3 sections. It is extremely important that you kill it. If that knight reaches a reading plate and slams its sword in for more that 5 seconds the whole team will wipe

2. Each time a Runner runs, there will be an additional Knight. 1st Run - 1 knight, 2nd run - 2 Knights 3rd run - 3 Knights. You hopefully get the jist.

To finish this Complex encounter you must complete 3 cycles of reading and running.

Riven of a Thousand Voices

So, i have never done Riven properly, The raid groups I played with had always cheesed it. Back when that was an easy and viable option (Rip Well of radiance instant reloads)

Since i have never actually done this encounter i thought it best that i don't try to explain it and instead Just link a video that i think explains it well. So, Ta-DA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLmMrdACQC4 Go listen to Datto. Honestly not sure why you would read this over listening to him anyway...

Cleansing Riven's heart

Time for extreme hot potato

No I'm not joking.

The Heart run TL:DR.

1. Everyone check the bottom left of your screen, someone will have the Fates chosen buff. You can only pick up the heart if you have this buff, so make sure to keep and eye on it.

2. 1st player chosen picks up the heart, this will spawn a "oxygen" bubble. Whilst in this bubble you won't gain stacks of darkness, at 10 "creeping darkness" you die. Try to stay in the bubble.

3. When the players counter reaches 10 they need to count down. At 3 seconds remaining, everyone get out of the bubble, the player with the heart will then go into the Heart realm and the next player picks up the heart.

4. Player with the heart keeps running, enemies are often a sign you are going in the right direction. The player in the Heart Realm needs to find a taken strength and pick it up when the current carrier reaches 3 on their countdown.

5. Repeat this process, new players in the Heart Realm need to pick up a taken strength immediately. The person who was the first in the Heart Realm will always picks up on "3 Seconds".

6. Continue this process until you reach the end. Remember that picking up the strength on "3 Seconds" resets the current carriers timer, but each player can only have their timer reset once.

7.Try not to die and remember to put on an Add clear super :)

OK, Now for the lengthy explanation.

The heart run is an encounter that heavily relies on good communication between players, so keep your ears open or you will likely cause another wipe and no one wants that. To start Check the bottom left of your screen, If there is a glowing fates chosen buff then you are the first runner. Otherwise another player will be first. Make sure everyone is grouped up and get the "Fates chosen" to pick up the heart and start the encounter. When you pick up the heart you will notice a count down timer where the buff is, Make sure to call out your timer to let others know when they need to move out the way. Picking up the heart spawns in an oxygen bubble that will stop you from gaining "creeping darkness" debuffs, if you get 10 of those you die, so try to stay in the bubble for the most part.

This player will then run to the end of riven's mouth and stop, making sure to call out their timer at the same time. When they call out "Three" on their timer everyone should leave the bubble to avoid being pulled in with them. The first runner will now be in a "heart realm" in here they need to clear adds and find a taken strength (Like the ones from the morgeth encounter). They should stay by this Strength until the next runner calls out "three" on their timer. When this happen they need to pick up the taken strength. This will refresh the current runners timer and let the keep running for another 15 seconds. You can only refresh a players timer once for their run. But back to the Runners, Once the 1st player has been teleported a new player will have the Fates chosen buff, and it will again say this in the bottom left of your screen. That player picks up the Heart and calls out their timer whilst running through waves of adds. The other players should use add clearing supers to make it easier to run and not die.

Once again when the player timer reaches 3 everyone needs to back off. They will be teleported into the Heart Realm and a new player will be chosen to run. This repeats until you reach the end of the encounter and dunk the heart into the right location. In the Heart Realm players will need to clear adds, The first player always needs to pick up a taken strength on "three", but all players after them should find and pick one up as fast as they can, make sure not to take the one that the 1st player is next too though, its really annoying. This encounter can take a few tries to get right, but that's really to be expected, if you somehow do it on the first run then nice. -------------------------------------

Well that brings us to the end of this raid guide. Hope you found it at least somewhat useful, honestly i'm surprised you made it this far. Note that this is not going to make you a pro raider, its just hopefully going to give a guide to the encounters that isn't too confusing and helps you out/ refreshes you on what to do.

Also highly recommend watching a video so you know how everything looks too.

If you have any questions feel free to ask on Discord @Irony#1444

- Irony :)