Moderator Application Info

​Probation Period

Your probation period is one month; in this time frame, you are assessed on:  

• How well you fit in with the other Moderators.  

• The way you act in both Voice and Text rooms.  

• Your participation level.  

• If you receive strikes during probation.  


Receiving a strike during probation


If you receive a strike in probation, it may have a few different outcomes:  


• You fail the Moderator probation period and lose your moderator role.  

• Receive a verbal warning.  

• Receive additional time on top of your probation period.

The outcome of receiving a strike on probation will depend upon the severity of the strike, along with the number of strikes you already have. 


Moderator Etiquette


As a Moderator, you’re not just representing other Moderators but the community as a whole, as such, we expect a high level of politeness to others and remaining respectful. Listed below are a few things you should try and always keep in mind:  

• Consider what you’re about to say to others before you say it, especially when in public voice rooms. Racist, sexist and other derogatory jokes may be said will good intentions, but may not be so well received by others. When in public rooms remain mindful of what you say and understand that there are often minors who take part in the Discord.  

• You will often come across situations where players are acting disrespectful towards you or others; in this instance, don’t retaliate, give them a verbal warning. If this continues, you’re free to ban them. (If possible, try to obtain an Audio Clip or screenshot as evidence).  

• As a Moderator, you’re going to be setting an example for others, therefore consider not to do the following; Ask for boosting, using exploits, cheating, and so on… Use your own intuition to grasp what is not acceptable.

• Don’t be afraid to ask other moderators for advice, if you have uncertainties regarding something just ask!  

• Overall, just be a decent human 😊.