LTR Lead Application

What is LTR and what is this application?

LTR stands for “Learn to Raid” also know as Sherpa runs. The idea is that two Leaders take 4 new people through a raid, teaching them the ins-and-outs of every mechanic. So, as you’ve figured out by now, this is an application for people who wish to become leaders for LTRs!

Application Process

  1. You submit your Application.

  2. We’ll then contact you if you’ve been accepted to the trail stage.

  3. Then we will discuss a date/time for your first LTR trial; this will involve four LTR players, one Moderator and yourself.

  4. After 2-3 LTR trails we’ll decide whether you’ve been approved to be an LTR lead.

What leaders need to do and be.

  • To teach the four new members every encounter of a given raid, this means you taking the easiest role in each encounter in order to teach them the trickier mechanics of the raid. For instance, if you were to teach the vault from last wish, you should get 3 of the 4 new raiders to be doing the puzzle solving, you should be ad clearing.

  • You need to be relaxed and calm; you must understand that people learn at different speeds and some will take longer than others. Leaders for these LTRs are expected to keep their cool, even if you’re twenty wipes deep.

  • You are expected to have a deep understanding of all the raids- otherwise how else are you going to teach?! Moreover, you must be conferrable explaining each encounter in depth.

  • Unfortunately, we are an English-speaking clan, you are expected to be fluent in speaking English. 

  • You need to be able to control a group of people; most people will be a delight to raid with, but at some point, you’ll come across those who want to mess around and not listen. You need to be confident enough to take control of the situation. (If for some reason it gets out of hand, contact a Mod and they’ll deal with the troublemaker)

To summarise, leaders need to be able to explain the raids clearly and maintain their cool throughout the raid. Ensuring they can manage a group of players while providing a good teaching experience.


LTR Lead Side notes

  • LTR Lead’s represent the community, if at any point you start acting irresponsibly or immature then we reserve the right to revoke your LTR lead status and role.

  • If you’re ever unsure or need help on something, don’t be afraid to contact any of our Mods.

  • Every time an LTR event gets requested, we’ll make a post in the #LTR-Leads room in Discord, the first two LTR Leads who ask to lead the raid will be given the spots.

  • LTRs should always be carried out with a 4/2 Player/LTR Lead ratio. This is done for multiple reasons; in-case one of the Leads miss something, to ensure that a Lead isn’t doing/saying something unfair and as a method to control the other four players if the situation calls for it.