Please read our raid policy:

General Raid Information


  • LTR = Learn to Raid 

  • Raid rewards are Once per Week per Character.

  • If the Raid is not labelled LTR then you're expected to have some experience or knowledge of that raid. Even if it is just watching a YouTube raid guide. 

  • For Non-LTRs You should have about 3-4 Hours spare to do the raid. 

  • For LTRs you should keep 6 hours spare to complete the raid. 

  • In raids, you must remain respectful and not become disruptive to the raid experience.

  • If you have concerns regarding your skill, join an LTR. LTR Leaders are very relaxed and no matter how many mistakes you make they'll be cool. They're just there to teach and give you a guiding hand :) 

  • Finally...Don't be afraid to ask questions!