Frequently asked questions

How do I join ?

All you must do is join our Discord and either link your ID to your Discord or change your Discord nickname to match your in-game name!

What is your Privacy Policy ?

You can check out our Privacy Policy here:

What platform is the clan active on?

We are a PC-based clan. If you plan to switch from console to PC at any point in the future, feel free to join us when you've done so!

Are there any requirements to join the clan?

Nope! Anyone can join, as long as you can follow a few basic rules (respecting others, no spam etc, ... more info on that in the Discord)

How frequent do you raid?

Anyone can request a raid here on the website, and it'll be open for anyone to join. If you would like to set-up a raid with a specific group of people you can always try making on the fly on the discord.

What about PvP?

A fair amount of our members are pretty active on the PvP side of things in Destiny 2. You'll definitely find people to play with. But there's no skill requirement at all.

Where is the clan based?

The clan is mainly EU based, but there's a fair few NA based players too.

Is the clan multilingual?

No, we are an English speaking clan.

Is there an age limit?

Technically we do require members to be at least 16 and we expect them to have a sense of maturity. This can vary on an individual basis and is up to the moderator's discretion.