90's Kids Rules

Discord Rules

1. Refrain from using derogatory language towards others.

2. Technically we do require members to be at least 16 and we expect them to have a sense of maturity. This can vary on an individual basis and is up to the moderator's discretion.

3. No advertisement without permission.

4. No inappropriate nicknames.

5. No cheating or using exploits.

6. Moderators reserve the right to change nicknames.

7. Moderators reserve the right to use their own discretion.

8. No @mentioning the mods- unless it’s an urgent issue. (You can contact a specific Mod, rather than mentioning all Mods of the server.)

9. No sexually explicit content.

10. No annoying, loud or high pitch noises.

11. Moderators reserve the right to disconnect, mute, deafen or move members to and from voice channels.

12. You must use English in the Discord. This is both done to ensure we can moderate the server correctly and prevent people feeling excluded.

13. Do not take members from our Discord to other servers,this will result in a ban.

14. Please use bot commands in the #bot-commands text room.


Destiny 2 Clan information

-We may remove you from the Destiny 2 clan after a long period of inactivity, once you come back we’ll add you straight back! This is just to make sure the Destiny 2 Clan is not filled with inactive players.

-Players that are not part of the clan are welcome.

-We have nothing against you being part of other clans. We understand that in order to play Destiny 2 you need to be part of a clan, therefore we understand if you’re part of a different clan in order to play other games.

-The intentions of this clan is to bring people together in order to complete the many activities in Destiny 2 that cannot be completed solo.
-Feel free to invite friends.

-Please be aware we have no rules against deleting messages, but understand we have logs of all deleted messages.


Discord Ranks 


For selected members of our community. As a Mod you will have the responsibility of ensuring that others are following the server rules.

@The Consensus

For donating $10 on our Patreon


For donating $5 on our Patreon


For donating $1 on our Patreon


Allows you to post images, embed links and attach other files in messages.Allows you to join the Streaming room. (Rank 5 through @MEE6 )

@New Light

Allows you to send links. (Rank 2 through @MEE6) This rank has been introduced to combat the amount of spam bots joining the server and sending links


The most basic level (Acquired when you first join the Discord)


Players within the in-game D2 clan are required to join Discord voice rooms at least a few times throughout the month. If 28 days go by without participating in the voice rooms you may be kicked from the in-game clan. Don't worry, you won't be kicked from the Discord.

If the clan is full and someone wishes to join then someone would be kicked if they've exceeded 28-days without participation. The person who would be kicked is whoever has been the furthest past this 28-day period. For example, if Banja had not participated in 35 days and Irony had not participated in 50 days, then Irony would be kicked first for the person who is trying to join the clan.


Destiny 2 is all about playing together, doing raids and just getting to know everyone! We want to give people that little nudge to jump into voice rooms and find out how great Destiny is together.



In recent weeks a few members have expressed their discomfort over people streaming without their knowledge or consent. To mitigate these issues, we’re implementing a few small changes to how Streamers should behave in the Discord.

- When you’re Livestreaming, you should use the dedicated streaming rooms, both to allow everyone who joins to know that you’re streaming and for people who join to understand that they must follow the respective streaming platforms ToS (Terms of Service).

-If a Streamer wishes to join a raid then they should request their own, rather than joining a pre-existing raid. The Streamer can request a raid through our website and tick the “I will be streaming the raid” box; this way we can advertise the raid as streamed on the website. The mentality behind this is people who join the raid are consenting to be part of the Stream, opposing to the previous method of Streamers DM'ing individuals and making them feel pressured to say yes.

- In the case the Streamer requested their own raid, then they are free to use the dedicated raid rooms for the raid, as everyone who signed up to the raid has previous knowledge that it will be streamed.